CRIT Faculty Actively Serve HCI Design Community

In the 2011-2012 academic year, CRIT faculty researchers Shaowen Bardzell and Jeffrey Bardzell have served the international HCI community and design subcommunity in diverse ways, including the following:

  • Program committee: Values Theme co-chair, DIS 2012: Shaowen Bardzell
  • Associate chair, DIS 2012: Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Associate chairs, CHI 2012 design subcommittee*: Shaowen Bardzell and Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Program committee: Student research competition co-chair, CHI 2012*: Shaowen Bardzell
  • Program committee: Video showcase co-chair, CHI 2012*: Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Associate chairs, CSCW 2012: Shaowen Bardzell and Jeffrey Bardzell

Service to the community is time-consuming but also exciting, because one has the opportunity to help shape the present and future of the research community.

* indicates that the indicated faculty researcher will continue in this role for CHI’2013